Gamerbots review on XBLIG News, Reviews and Previews

Gamerbots review on XBLIG News, Reviews and Previews

Happy Halloween with Gamerbots!

It's time to equip your Gamerbots with Halloween heads!

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Gamerbots v1.1 update released!

Gamerbots v1.1 update is available now on the marketplace!
Check it out now!

Feature updates:

- Defeat monsters and bosses together with your friends (Through LIVE)!

- Invite your friends from friend list to your network game directly!

- Gorgeous battle styles with guns and melee weapons!

Detail update list:

Game Mode:

- New missions: Fight with monsters and bosses in new maps

- Turn on all switches on the floor to unlock doors

- Called COOP missions (Online) and Solo mission (Offline)

- Players can save the teammate whose HP become zero in COOP missions

- Players can only unlock all melee weapons in online COOP missions


- 3 new maps added (for COOP missions(Online) and Solo missions(Offline))


- 3 new guns added (9 in total)

- Gun upgrade levels rise from 10 to 30

- All guns’ parameters are optimized

- 3 types of melee weapons added: Twin Dagger, Twin Saber and Sword

- 18 melee weapons in total


- 12 new heads added (27 in total)

- 2 set of new limbs added (3 in total)

- All heads’ parameters are optimized


- Invite friends to join network game directly from friend list

- No freeze time when reach ground

- Aiming sensitivity can be tweaked

- FPS Mode

- More powerful AI in singleplay missions

In the coming weeks, we will announce gift codes for unlocking melee weapons. Don't miss it!

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