Gamerbots update details

Here comes the more detailed update information!

- Three types of new guns

Melee attack
Kick will be canceled (Sorry for those who like the kick!)
We will have three types of melee weapon instead:
- Dagger (Small range but fast)
- Twin Saber (Balanced)
- Sword (Long range but relatively slow)

New maps
- New maps are for co-op mode exclusively when online
- New offline missions will also be added to the new maps
- New enemies will appear
- Three types of Boss are waiting at the end of map!

- Death match will change to point base (Indicating score or number of defeat) instead of a bar for each team
- Co-op mode is added (Defeat the boss)

This is the macro view of our coming update.
We also plan to calibrate some parameters such as attributes of each head, adding sub-level to each class …etc. We will announce the attribute/system changes once we confirmed, probably after the above big tasks are completed.


Anonymous said...

Any idea on when the patch comes out?

Hotwave Games said...

It will be available in September. We will announce here and at XBox forum once the update patch is released.