Gamerbot Model Design

Before actually designing the appearance/ body structure of the Gamerbots, we briefed several features we want to achieve:
- Show gamer picture on the Gamerbot's face
- Clear and neat silhouette
- Easy change in body parts
- Robot in armor with glow parts
- Suitable to animate in shooters' action
- Looks simple / funny

After that the artist collect some reference and draft some concepts.

The body ratio of this design is closed to Mario which provides a friendly and funny impression.
Pale purple part is the skeleton. We decided to attach body parts on the skeleton.
The silhouette is not clear enough to provide a deeper impression. In addition, the head shape did not fit the body.
So we design another one with higher contrast between body parts.

This Gamerbot is designed to have big hands in order to grasp big weapons.
More skeleton parts were exposed to make a clear silhouette.
But the main body looked too weak.
The head shape is referenced to motor bike helmet. The gamer picture looks strange on the curved-square area.

The is the final design which is used to build 3D model.
Body became stronger and shapes were more simple.
Head is changed to sphere and the front is cut to a plain surface.

Here is the 3D model.It got a bigger head and shorter forearms.
Other heads are designed base on the basic head and try to keep the plain surface for placing gamer picture.