Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting

Game Description

Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting
is an exciting LIVE third-person shooter where you control your Gamerbot to fight against the enemies. Choose your favorite weapon and upgrade them in the way you want. Collect points in battles to get your Gamerbot promoted with stronger abilities. Buy new head parts and weapons to enhance your strength. Take on the single-player missions to train up your Gamerbot, or multiplayer LIVE battles to fight against world-class players. What to do if your bullets are used up? Get close to your enemies and give them a kick!


Stick your Gamer Picture on Gamerbot:

Gamerbot’s face will be your gamer pictures!

Customize your Gamerbot with 15 heads and unlimited color combinations:
Buy and equip new heads to strengthen your Gamerbot.
Create unique appearance with fully adjustable colors on 4 parts – Head, Body, Limbs and Glow.

Fight with 6 basic weapons and 10 levels of upgrade in 4 criteria:
Choose among bullet, missile and laser weapons.
Improve them in accuracy, damage, range and capacity.

Compete with worldwide players on LIVE multiplayer battle:
Up to 6 players are supported in each battle. Which one do you prefer, 1 VS 5 or 3 VS 3?
Start your battle now with players worldwide!

Challenge to 24 single player missions:
Take the challenges and unlock more missions.

Fight with random enemies:
Enemies’ colors and equipment are randomized in all missions.

Get promoted to 7 Gamerbot classes:
Collect BP through battles and get promoted with stronger abilities.
How long do you take from a Rookie to a Devil?

Battle in 6 atmospheric scenes:
Enjoy your battles in different atmosphere.