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Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight Survival Competition

We have received several pictures on Facebook that join the competition!
To clarify the rules, both picutre of avatar on the winning screen with sub-total numbers and picture of leaderboards are valid, but the former one will be better.

Keep making new score guys! 31 Dec is coming!

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight is available on the marketplace!

We are happy to tell you that our latest game Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight is out!
Please download it here to have a try!
Hope you enjoy Snowball fight.
Merry Christmas!

Don't forget to record your best performance in Survival mode and post it to Hotwave's Facebook page. The top 5 players will win a free copy of next Hotwave's Multiplayer avatar game! Result will be announced on the week of January 2010.

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight Trailer is out!

Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight Preview

Gamerbots v1.1 Gift Code 4 - Sword, Spiked Club

Gamerbots v1.1 Gift Code 3 - GP, 300000

Gamerbots v1.1 Gift Code 2 - Twin Dagger, Star Slicer

Gamerbots small update released

New update of Gamerbots is released.
Update include:
-Bug fixed for finding network games
-Random respawn points in deathmatch

Gamerbots v1.1 Gift Code 1- Twin Saber, Dual Flame

Gamerbots review on XBLIG News, Reviews and Previews

Gamerbots review on XBLIG News, Reviews and Previews

Happy Halloween with Gamerbots!

It's time to equip your Gamerbots with Halloween heads!

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Gamerbots on

Gamerbots update and developer interview on XBLA & XBLIG ratings

GreenShark's review on Gamerbots v1.1

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Gamerbots v1.1 update released!

Gamerbots v1.1 update is available now on the marketplace!
Check it out now!

Feature updates:

- Defeat monsters and bosses together with your friends (Through LIVE)!

- Invite your friends from friend list to your network game directly!

- Gorgeous battle styles with guns and melee weapons!

Detail update list:

Game Mode:

- New missions: Fight with monsters and bosses in new maps

- Turn on all switches on the floor to unlock doors

- Called COOP missions (Online) and Solo mission (Offline)

- Players can save the teammate whose HP become zero in COOP missions

- Players can only unlock all melee weapons in online COOP missions


- 3 new maps added (for COOP missions(Online) and Solo missions(Offline))


- 3 new guns added (9 in total)

- Gun upgrade levels rise from 10 to 30

- All guns’ parameters are optimized

- 3 types of melee weapons added: Twin Dagger, Twin Saber and Sword

- 18 melee weapons in total


- 12 new heads added (27 in total)

- 2 set of new limbs added (3 in total)

- All heads’ parameters are optimized


- Invite friends to join network game directly from friend list

- No freeze time when reach ground

- Aiming sensitivity can be tweaked

- FPS Mode

- More powerful AI in singleplay missions

In the coming weeks, we will announce gift codes for unlocking melee weapons. Don't miss it!

Hotwave Games on Facebook and Twitter

Please meet us on Facebook and Twitter!

Gamerbots v1.1 trailer

Gamerbots v1.1 boxart

Share the latest boxart with you!

Gamerbots is in playtesting now!

Twin Daggers and Enemies

Gamerbots as a cowboy

Gamerbota update news

The new update version of Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting will start play-testing next week.
Please stay in tune with us!

Door and switch

Release date of new Gamerbot update

The development of update will be completed around late August. As we need some time to pass through the review process of Xbox Live Indie Game, the update will be available around early September.

Gamerbots update details

Here comes the more detailed update information!

- Three types of new guns

Melee attack
Kick will be canceled (Sorry for those who like the kick!)
We will have three types of melee weapon instead:
- Dagger (Small range but fast)
- Twin Saber (Balanced)
- Sword (Long range but relatively slow)

New maps
- New maps are for co-op mode exclusively when online
- New offline missions will also be added to the new maps
- New enemies will appear
- Three types of Boss are waiting at the end of map!

- Death match will change to point base (Indicating score or number of defeat) instead of a bar for each team
- Co-op mode is added (Defeat the boss)

This is the macro view of our coming update.
We also plan to calibrate some parameters such as attributes of each head, adding sub-level to each class …etc. We will announce the attribute/system changes once we confirmed, probably after the above big tasks are completed.

Update for Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting

We will have an update in August.
Please feel free to tell us your suggestions.
You can leave comments here, send email ( or comment in XBox forum.

Update include:
- Remove buying bullets function (Unlimited bullets!)
- Faster movement and turning of Gamerbots
- Bug fix

Gamerbots classes and BP

List of Gamerbots classes and BP required:

Soldier 200
Captain 600
Major 1800
Colonel 4600
General 13800
Devil 41400


Gamerbots is available now on XBox Live marketplace!

Visit XBox Live marketplace now and play with your gamerbots!

Weapon glow colors

Glow colors of weapons indicate their upgraded levels.

Gamerbots videos

Here are some videos of Gamerbots:

Gamerbot Model Design

Before actually designing the appearance/ body structure of the Gamerbots, we briefed several features we want to achieve:
- Show gamer picture on the Gamerbot's face
- Clear and neat silhouette
- Easy change in body parts
- Robot in armor with glow parts
- Suitable to animate in shooters' action
- Looks simple / funny

After that the artist collect some reference and draft some concepts.

The body ratio of this design is closed to Mario which provides a friendly and funny impression.
Pale purple part is the skeleton. We decided to attach body parts on the skeleton.
The silhouette is not clear enough to provide a deeper impression. In addition, the head shape did not fit the body.
So we design another one with higher contrast between body parts.

This Gamerbot is designed to have big hands in order to grasp big weapons.
More skeleton parts were exposed to make a clear silhouette.
But the main body looked too weak.
The head shape is referenced to motor bike helmet. The gamer picture looks strange on the curved-square area.

The is the final design which is used to build 3D model.
Body became stronger and shapes were more simple.
Head is changed to sphere and the front is cut to a plain surface.

Here is the 3D model.It got a bigger head and shorter forearms.
Other heads are designed base on the basic head and try to keep the plain surface for placing gamer picture.

Description in short

Game Description

An exciting LIVE third-person shooter where you can:
Stick your Gamer Picture on Gamerbot; Customize your Gamerbot with 15 heads and unlimited color combinations; Fight with 6 basic weapons amd 10 levels of upgrade in 4 criteria; Compete with worldwide players on LIVE multiplayer battle; Challenge to 24 single player missions; Get promoted to 7 Gamerbot classes; Fight with random enemies in 6 atmospheric scenes.

Gamerbots in random colors

Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting

Game Description

Gamerbots:Third-Robot Shooting
is an exciting LIVE third-person shooter where you control your Gamerbot to fight against the enemies. Choose your favorite weapon and upgrade them in the way you want. Collect points in battles to get your Gamerbot promoted with stronger abilities. Buy new head parts and weapons to enhance your strength. Take on the single-player missions to train up your Gamerbot, or multiplayer LIVE battles to fight against world-class players. What to do if your bullets are used up? Get close to your enemies and give them a kick!


Stick your Gamer Picture on Gamerbot:

Gamerbot’s face will be your gamer pictures!

Customize your Gamerbot with 15 heads and unlimited color combinations:
Buy and equip new heads to strengthen your Gamerbot.
Create unique appearance with fully adjustable colors on 4 parts – Head, Body, Limbs and Glow.

Fight with 6 basic weapons and 10 levels of upgrade in 4 criteria:
Choose among bullet, missile and laser weapons.
Improve them in accuracy, damage, range and capacity.

Compete with worldwide players on LIVE multiplayer battle:
Up to 6 players are supported in each battle. Which one do you prefer, 1 VS 5 or 3 VS 3?
Start your battle now with players worldwide!

Challenge to 24 single player missions:
Take the challenges and unlock more missions.

Fight with random enemies:
Enemies’ colors and equipment are randomized in all missions.

Get promoted to 7 Gamerbot classes:
Collect BP through battles and get promoted with stronger abilities.
How long do you take from a Rookie to a Devil?

Battle in 6 atmospheric scenes:
Enjoy your battles in different atmosphere.